For all sale and media enquiries contact Piermarq Art Advisory PTY LTD

T  +61 9660 7799

To contact the artist directly



4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Blown out dude, new works are looking AMAZING congraulations!!! (not that I expected any different)
    Hope you are in good spirit, and are enjoying riding life’s waves in and out of the ocean!!!

    Peace rabbit!

    much love and positive vibrations,

    Samy (owelism) and Angel x

  2. Caleb
    Extraordinary work, you truly are a force of nature – with depths of talent
    Enjoy your opening night and show
    All the best
    Sewing Sally MHMH

  3. Amazing and truly beautiful work man, so much energy and vitality! Hope you’re well mate can’t wait to see more.

    All the best from Bangkok,

    Sam, Fay and Tae (he’s 7 months old now)

  4. Hi !
    My name is Elodie i m based in Sydney I m pianist composer as my job

    I found your paintings just so beautiful and inspiring
    I m playing in Galleries on movies and painting where i play my composition I made one album and I m making a new one
    my composition are very inspired about pictures and color
    Do you want to meet me so maybe we could collaborate
    Thank you and again bravo

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