Caleb Reid (b. 1988) is a Sydney based artist working primarily in painting. In 2015, Reid completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the National Art School, with a focus on drawing, ceramics and sculpture. Reid has held solo exhibitions in Sydney and Melbourne, and has also been involved in group exhibitions both nationally and internationally, including Berlin, Germany.

Caleb Reid’s recent work is characterised by an experimentation with process and the exploration of the relationship between creative and emotional forces. Asked about his process Reid expressed; “My process is playful, it’s emotive and immediate. I understand that if I set out a few paintings tomorrow, and then complete those paintings they can never, ever be replicated. Even if I set out the same canvas the day after. They are capturing a very specific moment in time.”

In 2017, Caleb Reid will present his first major solo exhibition in Melbourne, VIC. New Paintings by Caleb Reid opens on Wednesday 1 March, 6pm – 8pm at Besser Space, Collingwood. Reid also has his first major international solo at Johanssen Gallery, Berlin in April, 2017.



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